Kevin Wilson

A cold weather hunting puzzle solved.

If you hunt in sub-zero temperatures, then you know the challenges. Ambient cold is one thing; add biting winds and deep snow… well, the great outdoors can be a downright miserable place to be. Venture into the woods unprepared and you’re in for a rude awakening…

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David Dyck

I have been an avid hunter for over 30 years up here in Manitoba and have grown skeptical of claims made by clothing manufacturers on how well their products perform. This season I had the good fortune to wear Silent Predator clothing for the first time and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. The garments were wisper quiet, warm, comfortable, and fit like they were made for me. Even when the temperature dropped below freezing and the wind howled, I just put up the hood and sat in comfort. I was especially impressed with the materials’ ability to disappear into it’s surroundings rendering me pretty much invisible as proven by the deer that walked by me without any clue that I was there.


John Kilmartin

I had the opportunity to wear your new wool hunting gear in Alberta, Canada, called Silent Predator this past hunting season. It kept me warm, dry and very comfortable in cold, snow and windy conditions. Also, we just returned from Saskatchewan, Canada this week and it was a very damp week. Again, this wool hunting gear kept me very comfortable. It was very quiet, not bulky, just the ticket for whitetail hunting. I am particularly impressed that you custom make the pants and bibs to length with zippers.

John K

Dick Rendert

I recently purchased an apex parka for my elk hunt. The weather was cold with a lot of snow. I was warm and comfortable with this coat and made my trip a pleasure. Look forward to getting more silent predator gear. Thank you for making a great garment.

Dick Rendert